Ideals and Likes

My Ideal Work Environment

My ideal work environment is one where employees feel a genuine excitement with their work. The environment is professional but not stifling. Creativity and freedom are encouraged within the team, and all members are expected to pull their weight. Team members help each other to reach a common goal. On an individual basis, employees take ownership of their work and gain satisfaction from seeing their efforts come to fruition.

My Ideal Development Environment

My ideal development environment is one in which team-members freely share their knowledge with each other. Team members work hard to complete their goals on time and bug-free. Developers take pride in seeing the successful life-span of their work. Learning new technologies and using these tools to solve everyday problems is encouraged.


I like the instant gratification of an application working as planned. I like figuring out new and faster ways of accomplishing tasks. I like analyzing systems for performance issues. I like slick, useful, and scalable applications that make people's lives easier.

Work Samples

This page contains a small sample of my work. Due to confidentiality agreements with some of my clients and previous employers, I am unable to post examples of some of my best work. Please contact me directly if you would like to know more about my past development projects.

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